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 Pre-natal Consult

Do you have a specific concern that you would like to address before the arrival of your baby?

A pre-natal consult will help calm your nerves and allow us to create a personal plan to get breastfeeding off to a good start from day 1.

Some reasons to consider a pre-natal consult are:
• Breastfeeding reduction or other surgery, biopsy or injury
• Previous lactation failure or breastfeeding difficulty
• Diabetes
• Hormonal issues
• Breast asymmetry
• Inducing lactation
• Flat or inverted nipples that did not change during pregnancy

Please plan on 1-1.5 hours for our appointment.

Cost: $75
In home postpartum follow up visit: $125

Office postpartum follow up visit $100


Post-Partum Private Consult

Congratulations! Your baby has arrived but breastfeeding is not going as planned.

For your consult, I will join you in the comfort of your home. Your consult will include a weight check and an oral assessment. A care plan will be developed as well as a plan for follow up care if necessary.

Some reasons to consider a post-natal appointment are:
• Poor weight gain
• Nipple/breast pain
• Nipple trauma
• Latch issues
• Tongue tie/palette abnormalities
• Low milk supply
• Breastfeeding after reduction

Please plan 1.5-2 hours for our appointment.

In home consult: $160* 60 minute follow up visit: $125

Office: consult: $125* (beginning January 2015) 60 minute follow up visit: $100

*please add an additional $25 for twins

Sweet Life Lactation is an Aetna Participating Provider.

**An additional travel fee will apply to addresses beyond 20 miles of office (office located in zip code 92117**

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