Private class options are available. Please call or email for rates.

Breastfeeding Basics

This class is geared toward pregnant women. Partners are welcomed and encouraged to attend as well.

The Breastfeeding Basics class focuses on the many benefits of breastfeeding and how to get breastfeeding off to a good start. We will discuss optimal techniques for positioning and latch, how to make sure your baby is getting enough, how to use hand expression and how to be prepared for common stumbling blocks. For partners we will discuss how to help support the breastfeeding mother and baby. Class Fee: $35

Breastfeeding Basics Refresher

This class is geared toward women who have breastfed previously and are looking for a refresher.

This refresher class is an abbreviated version of our Breastfeeding Basics class. We will review getting breastfeeding off to a good start, common stumbling blocks and how to ensure your baby is getting enough. We will also discuss how to introduce an older child to breastfeeding and how to help include them in the process. Class Fee: $35

Breastfeeding Basics for the Working Mother

This class is geared toward mothers returning to work.

This class will help ease the transition for mothers returning to work. We will discuss introducing and bottle and techniques for bottle feeding the breastfed baby, how to communicate with caregivers and determining how much milk to provide. This class also includes information on maximizing pump output as well as breast milk storage guidelines. Class Fee: $35

Breastfeeding Beyond 6 Months

This class will help families learn about infant feeding after the first 6 months.

We will discuss the continued role of breast milk after 6 months, baby led weaning and food introduction timelines. We will also discuss homemade baby food and great first foods.
Class Fee: $35

Sweet Life Support Group

Come share, complain, laugh, or cry with other new and veteran mamas who can understand this new role in your life.

Learn some new tips and techniques to make your life a little easier and your bond with your child stronger and more relaxed. In addition to general sharing, this is a great place for questions from milk supply, latch,
and nursing in public to introducing bottles, solids, and even weaning. This group offers a safe and comfortable way to get the support and help of other moms and a trained IBCLC.

Please check the calendar for group dates and times.

For more information, please contact Sarah at or 858.215.3744